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No longer on any blood pressure medicine

Posted: October 30, 2014
By: Dr Robert Schiffman

A month before I met Dr. Schiffman, I had a terrible fall and I was having severe stabling pain through my right leg, up into my back, and down into my foot.  This was on top of the problems I had with my back for years.

My family doctor and other specialist prescribed many medications and treatments such as pain killers, shots in my back, and water therapy.  Some helped for a time.  Some just made it more painful with the side effects from the medications.  I was taking twelve different medicines at the time.

The night I met Dr. Schiffman I had been standing on my feet for most of that day working at a dinner at my church.  By that time the pain was excruciating and I was in tears.  I could hardly sit still.

I listened to what he had to say about Chiropractic and himself and what I caught on was proper structure equals proper function.  I knew my structure was messed up.  My family doctor had already told me that I had progressive degenerative arthritis in my back and it would continue to get worse without surgery and medication but there was no guarantee that it would work and there was a possibility of paralysis.         

I went to Dr. Schiffman’s office the very next day.  From the very first treatment to the last one I have received, I have had nothing but improvement.  I stood and walked out without my cane after the first specific scientific chiropractic adjustment with no pain, no tingling and some pep in my step.  I haven’t stopped.

I could not climb stairs without difficulty but I went up and down my basement steps and did my wash for the first time without having to sit down stairs the whole time.  It has been almost one month since I have been coming to see Dr. Schiffman and I had my blood sugar, blood pressure, and all general checkup tests done by my family doctor with excellent results!! 
Because of Dr. Schiffman’s prayers and God’s healing touch through him, I am no longer on any blood pressure medicine and my family doctor can’t believe it!!!!  But I can!!  Thank God and Thank you Dr. Schiffman!

Lots of Love,
Linda Dawning